The current back log is somewhere over 100 weeks.

The costs are:

Zen Tambour "Temple 3" - $775us (This is currently the only model being built)
Graphics - Varies, depending on what you get. (Normally between $25 - $100)
Note shading - Included
Sun Burst - Included
Shipping - Depends on where you are

Select your options and click on the "Send" button below. You will be contacted with 48 hours to confirm your order. If you do not hear back from Spike within 48 hours, it could be that the message did not go through and you should re-send it. Please make sure your e-mail address is correct.

By ordering, you are being placed on a list to have a Zen Tambour built. You will not be charged until the Zen Tambour is ready to be built for you.

You will have up until the time Spike starts to build your Zen to change your mind on scale and color options, so don't worry to much about your choices when you order.


  Temple 3 version


Your Name:


State , Country where Zen will be shipped: ( Used to calculate shipping costs )






  Graphics options  
Heart 02 Graphic*

Tree 02 Graphic*
Butterfly 02 Graphic*

Celtic Knot 01*

Celtic Knot 03*

Lotus OM*
Face 01*

Lotus Flower*
Celtic Sun 01*

Celtic Knot 04*
Sunburst is where the edge of the Drum is faded to a dark color.

Note shading is where the tips of each note are painted with a color of choice.

  Want to stay up to date on what's happening at Zen Tambour? Check out the Face Book page.

There you can see (and be a part of) the latest happenings..
  • New colors options
  • News scales
  • New drum sizes
  • Different note layouts
  • This is also a place where Spike will be offering some of these new Zens up for sale.. So keep an eye out.. Ya never know what or when a Zen might be offered... and ya never know, it might just be the one your looking for...

  * Shown on ZenTambour with Komodo style paint and black note shading.